This Summer we're celebrating Darlene James!


This Summer’s Agent Spotlight falls on Darlene James of the Toronto Halifax branch.

Toronto Halifax is home to over 50 agents, and Darlene’s work stands out for her helpfulness, flexibility, and sterling communication skills. Her customer service is exemplary, because her goal, as she puts it, is to “make sure each caller leaves the call with a smile.” She has a knack for listening to callers’ problems, always managing to get across to them that she understands their situation. She’s known among her colleagues for her ability to de-escalate angry callers with her kindness and understanding character.

Darlene has been working in the Toronto Halifax location (which was acquired by AnswerNet last year) for around seven years. Her ability to shine in her role comes from loving what she does, and a genuine love for talking to people on the phone. Outside of work, she loves to dance, and has been known to show her team a few of her moves in their downtime. She loves music, especially Country, and was the only girl in her high school who played the bass fiddle! Her grandmother was a pianist, and taught her how to play the piano. She’s a bowling champ, and her other loves are reading, fishing, and swimming.

Taking time to relax with her hobbies helps her bring a lighthearted and helpful attitude to each and every call. As her manager, Terri Mohammed, puts it; “Darlene’s calm nature and dedication helps us turn stressful days into successful days.”

Thank you for all you do, Darlene!