Stay tuned for the Summer issue which will feature another brand new member of our "AnswerNet Family of Companies."

Who is Quality Contact Solutions (QCS)?

  • They serve a vast swath of verticals; everything from Health Insurance Brokers, to Roofing Contractors, to renowned Resort Facilities, along with an array of others.
  • They provide business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) Outbound Marketing, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), Outsourced Telemarketing QA, and Call Center Consulting.
    Their hands have been in a diversity of pots since their founding in 2007.
  • QCS’s services & solutions include generating and qualifying leads, as well as prospecting and setting appointments – all designed to save companies spectacular amounts of time and energy. QCS also assists clients to boost their revenue by providing various upsell opportunities.
  • They keep clients compliant with today’s telemarketing laws and regulations, and have achieved awards and notoriety for their abilities on this front.
  • QCS partners with locally owned and operated call centers across the United States, to maximize their abilities. They build bridges between call centers and clients so that businesses can scale while being supported by outsourced extensions of their team’s capabilities.

How does QCS fit into the AnswerNet fold?

  • If you’ve been with AnswerNet for any amount of time, all of the above should sound familiar to you. QCS’ core brand message, offerings and abilities are a perfect match for the AnswerNet family!
  • While maintaining their own brand identity as QCS; Quality Contact Solutions now fits snugly under the AnswerNet umbrella. We closed out in late December of 2021 and have proudly taken QCS into the AnswerNet organization.
  • Quality Contact Solutions employees are now AnswerNet employees, deepening and expanding our coworker talent bank.

Welcome to the AnswerNet team!