Gary’s Goings-On

Gary Pudles, President & CEO

It’s been an incredible year here at AnswerNet.

As many of you know, after the Ansaphone (now AnswerNet Quincy) acquisition – our 17th in 24 months – we’ve put the breaks on acquisitions for the time being as we now focus on profitability and the strengthening of our processes & procedures for our future. This work has taken place in almost every part of the company.

In furtherance of our “profitability” and “sustainability” goals, we have been looking at all of the acquired accounts and many of the legacy accounts to make sure they are profitable. We’ve spent the better part of this year making sure all our new companies and employees are fully integrated, and that we’ve built processes in anticipation of new sales and acquisitions in the future.

Our goal is to make sure we have a handle on all of our existing processes, and that these processes will support new initiatives in 2024.

So, what will we be doing in 2024?

Creating ways for our remote employees to be more visible to management for advancement, education & engagement opportunities.

Since the overall number of actual site visits has been reduced, we need ways to make sure we get to “know” our people and help them achieve their employment and life goals.

Continuing to build & document the processes needed to operate at our size and complexity, plus 25% over the long term.

We have grown to a size that demands larger company processes that must be tempered to make sure we retain our entrepreneurial spirit.

Continuing to roll out our “Intrapreneur” program as the major initiative of our profitability & sustainability mission.

We’re analyzing our specialty businesses to determine the right resource allocations. We’re also building specialty business leaders to ensure we don’t lose sight of client categories.

Teaching our employees, clients, and the public about our extensive technical capabilities.

This includes bringing our clients both conversational AI to any process a they want to automate, and text-enabling their landlines for SMS communications with their customers.

Preparing for, and executing, an upgrade to our VCC system.

This is a major upgrade of our switch, and most likely, an upgrade of our dispatch system.

I sincerely wish all of you in our AnswerNet family a very happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for our future, in 2024 and beyond! – Gary