Dealer Locator Services

Dealer Locator Services for retailers, distributors and wholesalers, manufacturers, financial services, hotels and restaurants, vehicle repair and servicing, and real estate agents.

AnswerNet agents specialize in Dealer Locator Services

Dealer Locator: Help Your Customers Find a Dealer or Store

When a customer wants to know where they can purchase your products or services, they need the information quickly and accurately. AnswerNet’s Dealer Locator Services can handle your calls and direct customers to the closest location.

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Multilingual Support

We pride ourselves on ensuring every customer feels right at home. We employ agents who speak fluently in Spanish, French, and more.

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Scalable Offerings

No business is the same. We offer specialty services scaled to all businesses, from small start-ups to established enterprises.

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Seamless Integration

Our technology supports API integrations for smooth connection and interaction with your systems, platforms, and applications.

Quick and Easy Set Up

AnswerNet can answer your calls and emails promptly, direct your customers to the closest location to buy your products and put them in touch with the right people to begin using your services.

AnswerNet agents specialize in Dealer Locator Services for a wide range of businesses including retailers, distributors and wholesalers, manufacturers, financial services, hotels and restaurants, vehicle repair and servicing, real estate agents and many more.

Dealer Locator Technology - Electronic Referral Services and Zip Code Preferences

Our state-of-the-art technology also provides you with additional Electronic Referral Services, enabling your callers to simply enter a ZIP code, state or other pertinent information. The caller is then transferred to the nearest and/or appropriate pre-determined facility, location or person to handle the remaining portion of the call.

AnswerNet agents easily identify the geographic location of the dealer closest to the caller by ZIP code or telephone number. Agents then assist the caller by providing specific directions or the best route for the caller to reach the right location.

Features & Benefits

Dealer Locator Services are quick and easy to set up. Simply supply AnswerNet with a script—or we can customize one for you—provide a few details regarding your company, products and locations and your callers can begin using the service within days.


  • Electronic Referral Services
  • Live Agent Customer Service
  • Outbound Information Services to Existing Customers
  • Inbound Q&A Preferences
  • ZIP Code Preferences


  • Language and Dialect Preferences Available
  • Easy-to-Implement
  • Keeps Customers Informed
  • Gives Customers a Direct Way to Find You
  • PCI-DSS Compliant

Automated Services

Businesses looking for automated solutions have a variety of options to choose from with AnswerNet. Click any of the services below to learn more.

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