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AnswerNet serves thousands of clients and processes tens of millions of contacts every year. The odds are that we have performed outbound call center services for an organization similar to yours.


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AnswerNet Outbound Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Here is what our customers say about our outbound call center services:


Outbound Call Center Services Reviews / Testimonials:

CertainTeed Corporation, Insulation Group (Click to Read)
(Services Provided: B2B Appointment Setting)
“Our project was very complex and fast paced. We could not have accomplished as much as we did without AnswerNet’s exceptional flexibility and responsiveness to all our adjustments. They’ve proven themselves and we will use AnswerNet for future projects.”
- Robert N. Brockman, Sr. Marketing & Communications Manager, North America


Chironex (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services: Lead Generation, B2B Bilingual French)
“We are very pleased to see how well the AnswerNet Team has worked for us based on our needs and wants, all the while providing great customer service. We appreciate AnswerNet’s flexibility when change or add-ons are needed within our campaign, as well as the dedication from the AnswerNet Team to help Chironex grow within this project. From customer service to reporting cost, Chironex is proud to be in a partnership with the AnswerNet team.”
- Mina Keriakos, Product Manager, Chironex


DH Technologies, LLC (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services: B2B Lead Generation)
“I just wanted to let you all know that recently we’ve been getting an influx of really great leads from you all, and what’s even better is that a handful of them have converted over into opportunities! You all have been an integral part of our team here and I just wanted to express how happy DH Tech is with the progress that has been made on this campaign.”
- Ashley Akers, Marketing Specialist, DH Technologies, LLC


Direct Communication Specialists, LLC (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services: Market Research, Lead Qualification)
“I’ve known Gary Pudles professionally for about ten years now, and he has done a wonderful job developing a world class customer contact firm. I’m currently working with AnswerNet on behalf of one of my clients and we’ve had a great experience with the AnswerNet team. My client is extremely satisfied with the quality of the agents calling on his behalf, the willingness of the AnswerNet team to respond quickly and professionally to our requests and the results they have been delivering.”
- Darlene Geller-Stoff, President, Direct Communication Specialists, LLC


Dr. Bo's Diet Center (click to Read)
(Services Provided: B2C Appointment Setting)
We went to AnswerNet to help us reach out to former patients on our program. Our experiences far exceeded our expectations. Their professionalism and expertise as well as their eagerness to satisfy all of our needs is unmatched by any company I have worked with in the past. I would highly recommend AnswerNet to any one that asks. A+.
Isaac D. Schulman, Dr. Bo's Diet Center


Great Dane Trailers (Click to Read)
(Services Provided: Event Recruitment/Registration, Telemarketing)
Working with AnswerNet has not only been an invaluable experience for our marketing campaigns, but also an easy one. We were impressed from the beginning of the process with our sales representative, who was extremely helpful in determining our needs, then after we signed, their operations manager knew exactly what was most important to promote based on their telemarketing experiences and finally, once the campaign launched I received comprehensive daily calling reports, indicating all the call stats that a marketer would want to have. We watched our event increase 3x! I highly recommend AnswerNet for your telemarketing campaigns!
-Brandi Roberge Marketing Events Manager Great Dane Trailers


Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC (Click to Read)
(Services Provided: Appointment Setting / Scheduling)
“I have to say I’m EXTREMLY PLEASED with the progress of my campaign. The amount of appointments that your staff has scheduled since the launch of this campaign has been AWESOME…. Seeing the appointments scheduled back to back is a great relief, knowing that my customer know we haven’t forgot about them and they are a priority to me.”
- Consetta Hawk, Office Manager, Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC


InspiredByGroup (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services Event Registration)
"When we engaged AnswerNet to help us manage a Luxury Jewelry sales event for a family owned jeweler in small town Connecticut we honestly didn’t know what to expect. We also only had 3 days to make calls prior to this event...

AnswerNet assigned two amazing sales associates to our client. In just 48 hours they registered 48 customers and we had to cut off calling...

But even more satisfying to our client, were the 7 phone calls they received congratulating them for hiring such nice and helpful new sales associates.

We are extremely pleased with your performance and your company. We plan to use AnswerNet in 2016 not only to help our clients market their products and services but to also sell ours. We consider you part of our team."

- Carl Marino, President
- InspiredByGroup


International Business Forum (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services: Lead Generation and Qualification, Appointment Setting)
“I used AnswerNet to call our past attendees and I was pleased with their work. They assisted in driving attendees to our events. The people at AnswerNet are friendly and made working together really easy and a pleasure. I will definitely be working with them again.”
- Theresa Princi, Marketing Manager, IBF - International Business Forum


JetRock Inc. (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services: B2B Appointment Setting)
We at JetRock Inc. have found the AnswerNet team to be extremely professional and well managed. We have been particularly pleased with the level of detail in the regular reports provided to us as to the ongoing efforts of our calling campaign. We would highly recommend Answernet to businesses such as ours.
- Jed Riopelle, Senior Vice President of Sales - JetRock Inc.


Knights of Columbus Insurance (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services: B2B Appointment Setting for Insurance)
"In the life insurance world, there is a thing called the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). Only the top 2 to 3% of life insurance agents worldwide qualify for this status. Directly because of AnswerNet’s efforts to get me in front of people, I qualified for MDRT last year and was able to join the table. So let me say thank you and tell you again how much I appreciate what you do."
- Gerry Keene, FICF, MORT - Knights of Columbus Insurance


Meridium, Inc. (Click to Read)
AnswerNet Services: Event Recruitment, Appointment Setting
We contacted AnswerNet-:owell (Formerly CCSi) for help in recruiting attendees for two events. Although our data quality was not optimal not only did they increase our registrations by 20%, they also generated meetings for sales. The results truly exceeded our expectations!
- Beverly Chiarelli, Director of Global Marketing Programs


Merritt Johnson (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services: Telemarketing)
"I was very skeptical about telemarketing until I worked with AnswerNet. Their agents are friendly, professional, and can adapt to different sales strategies easily. Working with AnswerNet has been a very profitable experience. I would recommend AnswerNet to anyone that wants to increase their sales. They are the ones that can help you do that."
- Merritt Johnson


Mobile Fleet Management (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services: Lead Generation)
“We are having great success with the leads AnswerNet’s outbound agents are generating.
Our product isn’t the simplest in the world and they have been phenomenal with how fast they ramped up. This knowledge coupled with their aggressive but still professional approach has generated a great deal of opportunities for us, more than I could have imagined. You and your agents are a winning combination that cannot be found anywhere else! I would highly recommend your team. Thanks so much!”
- Todd Small, Preferred One Communications, LLC
Total Solution for Mobile Fleet Management


Pacific Union Financial (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services: B2B Market Surveys)
AnswerNet is professional, courteous and goes above and beyond to accommodate the needs of the client. In the financial services arena, campaign metrics are scrutinized and changes can occur quickly, but AnswerNet has been able to adjust with us and facilitate those last minute requests. From the script to the back-end analytics, AnswerNet provided us with outstanding service and we will definitely leverage their services again in the future.
- Jill Hurt, Director of Marketing
- Pacific Union Financial


PentaVision LLC (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services: Event Registrations, Event Reminders)
"Thank you for your continued work in support of our webinars. These last four events have been very successful for our sponsors and your work on our behalf contributes significantly to that outcome."
- Thomas J. Wilson, President, PentaVision LLC


Radiant Travel (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services: B2B Telesales)
“Working with AnswerNet for me has been an amazing, and life-enriching experience. Throughout the time that it has taken me to finalize my ideas, methods, and connections, you have all been there with me as a powerful beacon. Your caring nature, skill sets, and professionalism are beyond anything that I have ever known in my twenty-five years of doing business. I look forward to continuing this beautiful and successful journey with AnswerNet.”
- Leighton Virtue, Managing Director, Radiant Travel


Smith Consulting (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services: Lead Generation)
"AnswerNet has delivered the talent and technology to provide low cost calling missions that result in incremental sales. The ROI on these programs is very impressive. I will continue to run my programs with AnswerNet."
- Susan Smith, President, Smith Consulting


Telebermuda International Limited (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services: Telesales)
"AnswerNet’s call center solutions provided professional management of our program and effectively produced new customers. The AnswerNet team provided solid support and proactive feedback, which was instrumental to achieving our success."
-Andrew Scott | Product Manager, Residential Services


The Diabetic Shoppe (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services: B2C Call Backs / Reselling )
"... I was writing to let you know how impressed we continue to be with the professionalism and quality of your service. You not only gave us great results, but you helped us optimize our campaign and understand the landscape and legalities involved when working with an auto-dialer.

In other words, you and your team at Answernet have helped our company in more ways than one.

There is no place where your dedication is more evident than in the excellent results you garnered for us. Our results were way, way above average and that isn't possible without a call team who cares, and a manager who insists on excellence. Having ran a small call center for a considerable amount of time(and having worked with many, many patient contact solutions over the past decade), I can certainly attest to the dedication it takes to get these processes in such a state where even industry average is possible. You know your stuff, and that is very clear.

Your reports and communication are also top notch. We've been able to plan our work around your work, which is very high praise in our industry. Thanks guys, and keep up the great work. We're looking forward to working with you, on into the future. "

- Josh Pettit, IT Admin / Pt Care / Customer Service - The Diabetic Shoppe


The Verdi Group (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services: Telemarketing, Lead Qualification, B2B Telesales)
"Having AnswerNet help us in a small marketing campaign made us really shine with our client; they are thrilled with their work and now there is a large campaign coming our way as a result. Thanks AnswerNet and the entire team!"
- Jeff Pollock, Director of Business Strategies, The Verdi Group


Vac-Tron Equipment (Click to Read)
(Service: Outbound Appointment Scheduling)
I will say you guys are quickly becoming my favorite employees. Keep up the good work!! Great traction so far.
Tim Fischer, President, Vac-Tron Equipment


Workforce Solutions from Louisiana Community and Technical College System (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Services: Market Research, Surveys)
"Our colleges were in the middle of annual reports determining levels of satisfaction and success of our graduates. Faced with the challenge of capturing thousands of responses in a limited timeframe, AnswerNet provided comprehensive services that really delivered in terms of quality and quantity of service. They treated us like we were their only consideration; always prompt and solution oriented."
-Jimmy Sawtelle, LCTCS Sr. Vice President for Workforce Solutions.


WRI Property Management (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet Service: B2C Lead Qualification)
“We've had great success with the program and our team is very happy with the results."
Ky Tran, VP of Operations


XL Marketing Communications (Click to Read)
(AnswerNet services: Telemarketing, Lead Qualification)
"We've relied on AnswerNet to provide telemarketing services for a wide variety of clients for the past few years. They have been a key member of our marketing team. Their effectiveness at filtering quality leads, gathering important information, cleaning lists, and scheduling appointments has been invaluable to delivering results. We value their professionalism, skill, and reliability."
- Carly Perez, Vice President, XL Marketing Communications, Inc.


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