National Response Center


AnswerNet is pleased to partner with

Paul Davis

To offer these special services for PDR franchisees.

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Franchisees Call Center Program

Our features , your benefits

Live Agent

Continuous customer
support available any time.

No Monthly Minimums for Franchisees

Flexible calling plans with
no required minimums.

Real-Time Schedule Management

Instantly update schedules via our online portal.

Integrated PDR RMS System

Efficient operations through system integration with PDR RMS.

Priority CAT
Event Service

Expedited service for insurance and commercial clients during emergencies.

Robust Call
Center Network

Eight teams across North America prevent service disruptions during high-volume events.

Franchisee Pricing

1-hour setup fee

$ 100
  • $134.00 Canadian

Portal setup

$ 10
  •  $13.40 Canadian

Flat rate

$ 1.10
  • $1.47/min. Canadian

Transfers rate

$ 0.02
  • $0.03/min. Canadian

If ZERO minutes are used, all you pay is your line rental of $5.00 US / $6.70 Canadian.

So when your phone lines receive unexpected volume… AnswerNet is ready!

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