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** NOTICE **

Reports of Scam Telemarketing Calls

are NOT Associated with AnswerNet

Posted: April 15, 2015

We have received complaints regarding scam telemarketing calls coming from the following phone numbers:

  • 920-532-9787
  • 212-319-3744
  • 970-944-2315
  • 812-328-9684
  • 812-328-9654


Please be assured, these scam calls are in no way associated with AnswerNet and we do not own those telephone numbers.


Many scam artists deliberately falsify their telephone number and caller id to hide the true identity of the calling party in an effort to present fraudulent offers of a variety of goods or services.


AnswerNet is a full service call center provider that produces telemarketing campaigns on behalf of our clients.


AnswerNet follows strict FCC guidelines, and scrubs all calling lists against the National Do Not Call Registry (DNC).


Please continue to contact the FCC ( ) when called by these individuals


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