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Injury Claim Group NOT Associated with AnswerNet

Posted: February 16, 2015

It has come to our attention that an organization called Injury Claim Group (also known to use the aliases of Madison Avenue Media and Connect Point Research) may be unlawfully associating themselves with the AnswerNet brand.


Please be advised that AnswerNet has nothing to do with an organization called Injury Claim Group.  AnswerNet does not do telemarketing on their behalf and to our knowledge have never served them in any capacity.


At one time they improperly posted AnswerNet's Sarasota office address as their address. They never resided at that address. AnswerNet owns the building at 1000 North Washington Boulevard in Sarasota, Florida and occupies 100 percent of the space.


It is our understanding that they may be making illegal telemarketing calls.  AnswerNet follows strict FCC and TCPA guidelines, and scrubs all calling lists against the National Do Not Call Registry (DNC). 


If you are receiving illegal telemarketing calls from Injury Claim Group, or by any of their known aliases, please contact the FCC at


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