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Multilingual Services

The global business landscape is changing. This intensifies the need to provide services and support to customers throughout the world. Your business must cater to more than just English‐speaking prospects and customers.


Reach new markets with AnswerNet's multilingual call center services.


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Multilingual Call Center Services - Spanish, French and 250 Languages

Multilingual Support and Translation Services

AnswerNet’s Multilingual Support Services provides fluent, native speakers of English, Spanish and French. Need other languages? We have that covered! AnswerNet also has longstanding relationships with real-time interpreting services that speak, read or write more than 250 languages and dialects. And with 25+ contact centers in the United States and Canada, our call center services are available 24/7/365.


Bilingual Spanish-English and Bilingual French-English Agents

AnswerNet’s multilingual call centers have bilingual Spanish-English and French-English call center agents, providing your company with bilingual answering services, customer support, market research services, telemarketing and telesales programs. Our bilingual, 24/7 call centers across North America can provide great service at a low cost.


Advanced Multilingual Response

For frequent multilingual needs, your calls can be handled directly by an AnswerNet agent who speaks Spanish or French fluently. Our interpreter services can easily join the call providing seamless communication among all three parties.


Key Benefits

  • Expand Your Customer Base
  • Increase Sales Capabilities
  • Provide Support to Non‐English Speaking Callers
  • Live Multilingual Agents Fluently Converse With Your Callers
  • Month‐to‐month Service Agreements
  • Uninterrupted Service

Key Features

  • 24/7 Multilingual Agents Available
  • Spanish and French-speaking Agents Available In‐house
  • 3rd Party Interpreter Services for over 250 Languages and Dialects
  • Services Customized to Your Time Zone
  • Provide Language Preferences For Your Callers
  • Customized Scripting
  • Toll‐free Phone Numbers Available


Hearing-Impaired TTY and IP Relay Services

In addition, AnswerNet can connect you with your hearing-impaired customer base through the use of our TTY and IP Relay Services. Learn about our TTY and IP Relay Services for the hearing-impaired.


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