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Non-Profit Industry Call Center Services

Non-profits and charities need cost-effective call center services to answer inbound calls from donors, supporters and staff as well as to drive donations and fundraisers.


AnswerNet offers multiple channels for not-for-profit organizations to communicate with donors and supporters including: phone, text, social media, email, SMS, and live chat.


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Call Center Services for Non-Profits

Non-profit Call Center Industry Experience

Non-profits and charities rely on volunteers and contributions to support their organization. They need a cost-effective call center that can not only answer inbound calls from donors, supporters and staff, but also outbound calls to drive donations and fundraisers.


AnswerNet can provide cost-effective, customizable inbound and outbound call center solutions for not-for-profit organizations, helping companies maintain their budget while increasing awareness of their brand’s initiatives.


Non-profit Answering Services

AnswerNet understands the importance of maintaining your charitable brand with professionalism.


Our agents will can support your nonprofit’s vision, ensuring that all calls are handled with care – whether for inbound fundraising or telethons, or generally assistance with the corporate office’s backline.


Additionally, our non-for-profit answering services are 24/7/365, so we can handle calls from anywhere and at any time.


Charitable Outbound Donation/Fundraising Support

Our outbound call center services provide the ideal solution for donor support, telefundraising, radiothons and telethons.


Our agents are trained to respond to incoming emails, calls, and even text to ensure all donation information is captured accurately, and nurture relationships to increase donor retention.


Omni-Channel Communications for Nonprofits

In today’s world, donors use multiple methods to donate or communicate with the charities of their choice.


Rather than just one line of support, AnswerNet can provide several, including: phone, text, social media, email, SMS, and live chat.


Our system also supports third-party integration through API, so we can collect donor information that is accurately captured and pushed to your nonprofit database in real-time.


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AnswerNet has extensive experience supporting non-profits and fundraisers throughout North America.


Contact us today to learn more about provide experienced nonprofit call center services for your organization.


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