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Construction Industry Answering Services

As a contractor in the construction industry, you likely spend much of your time at meetings or on the road between locations. Your hectic schedule can make it all too easy to miss important customer calls and lose business opportunities.


AnswerNet offers a unique blend of telephone answering service and other call center options to ensure that all your calls are handled quickly and accurately.


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Call Center Services for All Construction Industry Sectors

Construction Industry Services

AnswerNet understands the call center needs of the construction industry and how unpredictable it can be. Whether your company is engaged in the construction of buildings, engineering projects, or a special trade, we can customize our call center services to meet your business needs. Use our answering service to free up your schedule by answering the calls for you, and scheduling your appointments.


AnswerNet offers customized call center services for all sectors of the construction industry:


  • Building Construction Industry (e.g. - general contractors and builders)
    We provide customized telephone answering and appointment scheduling services for all types of general contractors and operative builders engaged in the construction of residential, farm, industrial, commercial, or other buildings.

  • Heavy Construction Industry (e.g. - highways and streets, bridges, sewers, railroads)
    Our call center services can also be customized for any general contractor engaged in heavy construction such as highways and streets, bridges, sewers, railroads, irrigation projects, and flood control projects or marine construction.

  • Special Trade Construction Industry (e.g. – painting, electrical work, plumbing, HVAC)
    There are also many types of special trade contractors who undertake activities that are specialized either to building construction, including work on mobile homes, or to both building and non-building projects.  AnswerNet  provides a full range of telephone answering  and other call center services for contractors engaged  in projects such as painting, electrical work, plumbing, HVAC, etc.  See for example our call center services for the HVAC and plumbing industries.


Telephone Answering Service for Contractors

Any construction industry contractor can benefit by using our telephone answering services. Whether you are a contractor in building construction, heavy construction, or special trades, your business likely requires you to have a mobile office. It is all too easy to miss calls, which could result in missed bid opportunities, loss of customers due to poor customer service, or straining relationships with suppliers.


Avoid losing customers and free up your hectic schedule.  Let AnswerNet answer the calls.  With our telephone answering service your phones are answered by a live agent 24/7/365, and your callers get exceptional customer service at a fraction of the cost to staff your office.


Also consider integrating our telephone answering services with our other call center services. Let our agents take messages and schedule appointments, provide basic estimates according to your fees and services roster, dispatch your field staff, or conduct follow-up survey calls. We can even answer your mobile text messages and email for you.


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Save on Receptionist Staffing and Equipment Cost

Hiring just one full-time 40 hours/week receptionist in-house can easily cost well over $2800/month in wages, benefits, and office space rental. This does not include the additional costs of office equipment, furniture, computer, office supplies and utilities.


If you are considering hiring an in-house receptionist you will have to consider taking the time for the hiring process, you will have to take additional time out of your week to train that new employee, finding coverage if they cannot make it in to the office due to the weather or personal reasons, and lastly, you will have to consider firing that employee or replacing them if something happens or they quit.


Contact us now for a free quote on our virtual receptionist service.


Key Features Available

  • 24/7/365 Telephone Answering Service
  • Call Screening
  • Live Agent Call Dispatching
  • Emergency Dispatch Services
  • Appointment Scheduling and Reminders
  • Multilingual Call Center Staff
  • Call Answering for Your Mobile Phone
  • Virtual Receptionist Service Available
  • Email Receptionist Service Available
  • Local and Toll-free Numbers Available
  • Online Customer Portal Available
  • SMS/ email message delivery


Key Benefits

  • Cost‐effective & Efficient  - Costs far less than hiring staff and buying equipment
  • Flexible - Integrates with other AnswerNet Live Agent and Automated Solutions
  • Customizable Monthly Plans
  • Mobile – Use Our Answering Service Anywhere You Go
  • Professional Image - Appear more professional, even if you are a one-man operation.
  • Avoid Losing Customers – Most customers hate voicemail.


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