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Hosted Managed Solutions

Much more than your average telephone answering service, AnswerNet can also handle a number of automated tasks for you and your customers.


Our Hosted Managed Solutions (HMS) include Billing, Call Routing, Hosted CRM, Text-enabling Landlines and Interactive Voice Response.


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HMS: Cloud-based Hosted Solutions for Businesses and Call Centers

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 Award Winning Call Center Services

AnswerNet is a managed service provider for a number of cloud-based hosted solutions of great value to most businesses and call centers.


SA Billing

Make invoicing your customers easier, faster and more accurate using SA Billing. It’s a cloud-based billing and receivables management solution that’s perfect for businesses that have multiple locations, are services-based or use a recurring revenue model.


SA Billing automates the entire billing process, reducing the chance of errors that can result from manual data entry. It also allows your customers to access their account and pay their bills online. SA Billing is accessible from any web-enabled device, which means there’s no hardware to purchase or software to install.


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Interactive Text Response (ITR)

With a single landline number, you can offer your customers the ability to communicate with their own clients in the method they prefer—via text. There is nothing to install, nothing to develop and no IT worries. It’s white labeled so it can easily be rebranded. There are three response options, including Live Operator, Completely Automated, and a Combination of Live Operator and Automation.


Host CRM

A CRM system is an indispensable tool for any sales team. It puts in-depth customer data at a company’s fingertips. But do your customers have the server space for their own CRM or the on-call resources to maintain it?


Offer your clients a flexible, hosted SugarCRM solution through AnswerNet to help them to organize and analyze their own customer data. SugarCRM is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use open-source CRM. That means the software itself is free. Customers simply pay a reasonable fee for server space and maintenance. For a small additional monthly fee, we can even customize it to their specific business needs.


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Call Routing and Virtual Queue

When call volumes spike, we will divert calls to other sites trained on your program, to ensure hold times and abandon rates stay low. The call routing dashboard shows you which sites calls are being routed to, and allows our Client Services team to quickly change routing and allocation procedures according to your needs.


You can choose from our list of locations which sites will handle your calls or set calls to automatically reroute to other locations once the primary site has reached a predetermined capacity.


Our Virtual Queue feature can be added to the call routing platform to hold calls without delivering them to a site. It places callers on hold with customized music or messaging then delivers to the next available site in the call routing system. This reduces hold times, call delays and abandon rates. Virtual Queue also allows us to provide callbacks so callers don’t have to lose their place in the queue.


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Cloud-based IVR

Ensure that your clients never again lose frustrated customers due to a busy signal. AnswerNet’s hosted, cloud-based system is a cost-effective method of quickly addressing callers’ questions and routing them to the right department or contact.


Your clients will save the time (and money) of having a live representative handle basic inquiries such as requests for their fax number or address. They can reduce caller wait times, and even turn calls into sales opportunities with personalized messaging.


The system can be customized to suit any inbound or outbound IVR need. As an outbound IVR, it is also useful for appointment reminders, surveys, customer support, and more. It has built-in recording capability, so any call can be reviewed if needed.


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