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Seminar and Event Registration

Your seminar, special event and webinar attendees deserve first-class treatment. Registrations must be handled accurately by courteous staff who often provide the first customer experience associated with your event.


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Seminar and Event Registration Services

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Securing attendance to events across a broad range of industries...

AnswerNet’s Seminar and Event Registration Services specialize in securing attendance to events across a broad range of industries, including hospitality, transportation, financial/ banking, insurance, education and many more.


Online webinar registrations, international conferences and trade shows...

Our highly trained call center agents provide first‐in‐class service and are adept at handling any size event, from simple online webinar registrations to large international conferences and trade shows.


Registration confirmation, schedule changes, sponsorships...

We can contact your attendees to confirm registrations, alert them of schedule changes and up‐sell and cross‐sell sponsorship or exhibiting opportunities.


Any type of registration or reservation platform...

AnswerNet can host any type of registration or reservation platform, or seamlessly connect to your system through your website registration page or a customizedfor use by our agents.


Key Benefits

  • Customizable For Any Size Event or Industry
  • Decrease Your Event Costs
  • Extensive Registration Experience
  • Customizable Reporting Options
  • PCI‐DSS Compliant
  • Hire local agents who provide the regional expertise needed

Key Features

  • Pre‐sales and Post-event Follow Up
  • Lead Generation – Find More Attendees
  • Lead Qualification and List Scrubbing
  • Exhibitor and Sponsor Up‐selling
  • Multilingual Capability
  • Live Agent Registrations
  • Brochure and Literature Fulfillment Available


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