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Dispatch Services

Do you need to page a member of your team right away? Is there a call, email or fax that you must respond to immediately? Do you provide towing or other emergency services?

AnswerNet's Dispatch Services provide timely contact with you or your staff.


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Prompt Communication with AnswerNet’s Dispatch Services

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Receive, page, respond and act on urgent or emergency calls...

The capability to receive, page, respond and act on an urgent or emergency call is crucial to you, your customers and the success of your business. Using AnswerNet’s Dispatch Services, your calls are responded to 24/7/365, ensuring your business is always available.


Many companies rely on AnswerNet’s Dispatch Services to ensure their staff is alerted in a timely manner. Regardless if you are an AC repairman whose client has a HVAC emergency, a utility service worker who needs to be paged about a water main break or a doctor whose patient is in the ER; our Dispatch Services allow you and your business to run efficiently at an affordable price.


Prompt, Accurate and Convenient Dispatching

AnswerNet provides you with a local or toll-free number that can be answered 24/7 by our agents. Our dispatching and paging agents follow the script accurately—all calls are handled to your specific needs. They take detailed, accurate messages and dispatch those messages to pre‐selected personnel to handle the situation.


Customizable Dispatch and Paging Services

AnswerNet’s Dispatch Services are fully customizable to meet your business needs. Our Dispatch Services include towing dispatch, sales staff notification, utility service call dispatch, property management repair calls and much more.


Key Benefits

  • Prompt Communication With Your Staff and Clients
  • Customizable Monthly Plans
  • Local and Toll-free Numbers
  • PCI‐DSS Compliant

Key Features

  • Nationwide Availability
  • Agents Available 24/7/365
  • Multilingual Capability

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Need towing dispatch services? Learn about our dispatch services for towing companies.


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