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Disaster Response Services

Stay in touch with AnswerNet's Disaster Response Services.

AnswerNet can ensure your business continues to operate with minimal disruption.


Our disaster response call center agents will be there to answer calls and relay messages 24/7, even if you or your staff are unavailable.


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Emergency Answering Services and Call Center Services for Disasters

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 Award Winning Call Center Services

Disasters and crises happen. The key to successfully working through disasters is to have a plan in place BEFORE an emergency strikes. However, if you are caught unprepared by any disaster, contact us to help.


AnswerNet provides Disaster Response Services for all weather-related problems -- power outages, hurricanes, floods, tornados, snow, ice, fires, earthquakes, tropical storms, pandemics or other disasters or unforeseen business service interruptions.


Seamlessly redirect your calls or emails to AnswerNet just before or when disasters occur. Let our trained agents act as your emergency communications liaisons. We can patch calls to anywhere including to employees’ homes and cell phones. Create a disaster response strategy that works for you; choose to have your backup center out of state, or at one of our locations that is nearest to you.


Even if you are caught unprepared by any disaster, contact us to help set up emergency communication hotlines and answering services for your business, agency or organization. If you get overwhelmed by phone calls, contact us to help answer those calls.


AnswerNet can tell your callers what is going on and supply vital information. Our agents will take messages and providing basic services without busy signals. You can use pre-recorded messages, voicemail and inbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Our scripting platform lets you alter messages and menu options quickly as circumstances change.


Count on your calls being answered by AnswerNet 25+ contact centers across the U.S. and Canada. Every center has backup battery power supplies, and in the unlikely event of a system outage, we can assure business continuity for our clients by rerouting calls and contacts to other sites that are located out of harm’s way.


Various Service Levels to Meet Your Needs

24/7 Live agent coverage

  • Respond to specific customer requests

24/7 Automated response

  • Pre-recorded messages with voicemail option
    answers customers and saves money
  • Inbound IVR provides basic functionality like
    alternative stores/office locations, service FAQ’s,
    updates and order taking

Blended service

  • Combination of live and automated to handle all call types

Minimal service disruption

  • Calls/contacts handled at generator-protected sites


Key Benefits

  • Your Business Continues to Operate with Minimal Disruption
  • Preserve Business Continuity
  • Keep Your Lines of Communication Open
  • Blended Service
  • Guaranteed Response Service
  • Save Money

Key Features

  • Seamless Redirect Calls and Emails
  • Fast Scripting and Routing
  • Optional Product or Supplies Receiving Site
  • Secure Data Backup and Storage
  • 24/7 Automated Response
  • 24/7 Live Agent Coverage


Plan now and ensure your business continues with minimal disruption during any sort of disaster. Make AnswerNet’s Disaster Response Services part of your disaster preparedness plans.


When time is of the essence, call 800-411-5777 and let us know that you
need Emergency Disaster Response Answering Services for your business.

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