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Contact Center Options

AnswerNet offers several contact center environment options.

Choose the contact center agent option that best fits your requirements.


Read about the options below...

Contact Center Agent Options - Choose the Program You Need

Shared Contact Center Agent Environment

Reduce your costs by sharing contact center agents with our other clients. Concerned about your competition? Tell us the names of these firms and we'll make sure that the same agents assigned to your calls don't take or make theirs.


Dedicated Contact Center Agent Environment

Provide expert customer service by having contact center agents assigned only to your account. We hire, train and manage agents so your account is handled professionally. Most of our dedicated agent accounts also include a dedicated client service manager to provide feedback and communicate any changes or adjustments to your account.


Hybrid Contact Center Agent Environment

Receive the best of both worlds. Utilize dedicated contact center account agents during your peak call hours and shared agents during off-peak periods.


Blended Contact Center Environment – Inbound and Outbound

Want to receive the most out of your dedicated contact center agent program? Have your inbound contact center agents make outbound customer care or acquisition calls during off-peak hours.


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