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 Contact Tracing Services for Government Agencies

Contact Tracing Services

We understand the process, and the urgency. Controlling a pandemic on the scale of Covid-19 requires an army of contact tracers backed by a strong support system and smart technology. That’s why across the country and around the world, local and state governments are turning to trained call centers to join the fight.


A race against the clock. We can ramp up fast, so your program can be up and running in days –
not weeks
. Our current work with state and local governments on their Covid-19 initiatives gives us a head-start in understanding the importance of controlling the spread as communities try to safely reopen. And if you want to be sure your call center can scale up as your program grows, we have the flexibility to put hundreds –
or thousands – of agents in place quickly.


Our contact tracing services include:

Making / Taking Calls

Data Capture & Tracking

Call Scripting

IT Support

Program Monitoring

Tech Platform Integration

Workforce Management

Team Recruiting / Training



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Why AnswerNet?

Short lead time - DAYS (not weeks).
We have the ability to ramp up quickly, so your program can be up and running in DAYS - not weeks!

Subject-matter educated.
Our experts successfully completed the “Covid-19 Contact Tracing” course recommended by Johns Hopkins. They are up-to-speed on the process and train our agents on key elements (i.e. signs & symptoms, critical timelines), have a full grasp of the latest CDC guidelines and pay close attention to scientific developments.

Customizable and adaptable programs.
We can deliver tailored programs for clients using their internal tracing methodologies and available technologies. Our flexibility allows us to easily adapt to environmental changes that may arise and scale our operations as necessary.


Previous work on Covid-19 programs.
Our work experience on NY State’s Covid-19 testing initiative and other similar programs gives us an advantage. We’re familiar with the key buzzwords and know first-hand it’s essential for our agents to have empathy and ability to build trust.

Scalable, Flexibility to "staff up" quickly.

Our network of integrated contact centers and strong
Workforce Management Team allows us to closely monitor program and add agents and meet needs as they arise.*

* We demonstrated this on our work with state programs that began with 10-15 agents and grew to hundreds within days. One instance included expanding to 1,000+ agents within 3 weeks.

QA/Schedule adherence and oversight.
Quality control & managed training programs are in place for optimum staff oversight and schedule adherence. Our performance dashboard offers clients a custom monitoring QA platform to ensure quality standards are met and/or exceeded at all times.

Secure access, complete transparency.
For complete transparency, our tech stack includes secure client access to reports, call recordings, evaluations and KPI’s.

Strong integration capabilities.
Our technology partners offer robust contact tracing platforms, and our in-house teams support full API integrations with all (i.e. Salesforce, etc.)

We will get you up and running.

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