Why Your Business Needs Call Forwarding Services

6 Reasons Your Business Needs Call Forwarding Services

Are you doing all you can to provide the best customer service to your current and future clients? In today’s highly competitive business world, you need every advantage possible to keep your customers happy and your company growing.

In this article, we are discussing six areas in which your business can benefit from call forwarding services.

Benefits of Call Forwarding Services for Any Business

1. Call Forwarding Services Benefit Any Size Company

Whether your company is a startup, a small business, or a large enterprise, using call forwarding can help improve your incoming calls and minimize the number of missed calls. Many companies don’t realize how they can benefit from call forwarding services and make it an important communications strategy

2. It’s What Your Customers Want

According to PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited), nearly 80% of American consumers say that speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendly service are the most important elements of a positive customer experience. Prioritize technologies that provide these benefits rather than adopting new technologies for the sake of being cutting-edge.

When customers’ expectations are met or exceeded, companies gain measurable business benefits—including the chance to win more of their customers’ spending dollars. 

3. Increase Staff Availability

With call forwarding in place, offsite team members, salespeople, and executives can get calls wherever they are and keep customer service levels high.

With call forwarding, answering service representatives can send calls to an employee’s mobile phone or home phone so that the client can get the help they need in real-time. It’s more convenient for the customer, and it allows your staff members to maintain availability even when they aren’t physically sitting at their desks. 

4. Enhance Your Company’s Presence

Call forwarding doesn’t have to be from your main office number to an employee’s cell phone. You can also use call forwarding services to increase your perceived presence and make things more convenient for your callers.

If you have a home office, but do business regionally, you can set up multiple local numbers that are forwarded to your main line. Clients in the next county or state don’t have to make a long-distance call; they can simply call the number in their own area code and the call can be connected to you.

Another advantage of call forwarding is you can get a city office number from an office outside the area. For example, if you’re after a London office but can’t afford the rent, a dedicated 020 number can be yours with a call forwarding service.

5. 24-Hour, Round-the-Clock Service

Customers all have different schedules, so the best times for one person may not work for another. Call forwarding means your customers can speak to someone 24 hours a day, at a time convenient for them.

Remote working is a reality now, and if you employ staff in different time zones, call forwarding will enhance your operating hours.

6. Real-time Solutions 

Call forwarding can be a lifesaver when you are not able to answer the phone. If you have an important client that you need to talk to, but you are not able to answer their call, you can forward the call to any other number. You can forward calls to your assistant, another staff member, or your mobile phone number. This way, you or your staff can still speak with the client and resolve any issues that they may have.

The benefits of call forwarding make it easy to manage customer expectations while improving your rates of productivity. Since calls can be routed to specific individuals or departments, you’ll spend less time educating customers about who they should speak with and why.

Improve Your Customer Service & Bottom Line with Call Forwarding Services Now!

There are many benefits to working with a call forwarding service. You get outstanding customer service support, 24-hour availability, an enhanced company reputation, plus satisfied and happy customers.  

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