Emily Egan

Making Your Next Event A Success

Corporate event planning got you down?  If you are struggling with recruitment, attendance, and registration for events, you aren’t alone. In the US, there are over 5,200 meetings per day. With over 1.9 million corporate events occurring per year, it can be difficult to make yours stand out from the

Reaching Students via Omni-Channel: 4 Proven Methods

Speaking to your students through omni-channel communication is an essential strategy for enrollment and engagement. As college decision day looms near, students are weighing options to determine their future paths. They’ll be juggling offers and information from dozens of colleges and universities which is a lot to take in. Often,

6 Simple Ways Call Centers Help the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is growing reliant on call centers as demand for recreational cannabis and its related information grows with each passing year. When strategizing ways to get cannabis customer’s attention and move them through the sales process, call centers might not be the first thing that come to mind.