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Whistleblower Hotline Services

AnswerNet is a trusted third-party provider of whistleblower hotlines for anonymously reporting misconduct occurring in an organization such as alleged illegal activity, fraud, waste, abuse or violations of company policy.


In-house reporting solutions may not be viewed as truly anonymous. As an alternative, consider outsourcing a whistleblower hotline with AnswerNet.


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A Whistleblower Hotline Provider for SOX, Fraud, Ethics, HR...

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What are whistleblower Hotlines? (Click to Read)
Whistleblower hotlines are telephone numbers set up as an always ready means for individuals to anonymously report suspected misconduct; fraud; waste; abuse; violations of company policy, or any law or regulation; or, dishonest, illegal or otherwise unethical behavior in an organization.


What is the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act? (Click to Read)
SOX is a federal law that requires public companies to provide an anonymous means for reporting questionable accounting and auditing practices . Some provisions of the act also apply to privately held companies, including for example the willful destruction of evidence to impede a federal investigation.


Whistleblower Statutes

A Whistleblower Protection Program provided by The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) helps to protect employees who report violations of various workplace issues related to the following subjects:

  • Safety and health
  • Consumer products
  • The environment
  • Financial reform
  • Food safety
  • Health insurance reform
  • Motor vehicle safety
  • Nuclear technology
  • Pipelines
  • Public transportation
  • Railroads
  • Maritime concerns
  • Securities laws


Whistleblower protection laws cover, but are not limited to, worker participation in safety and health activities, reporting a work-related injury, illness or fatality, or reporting a violation of the statutes.


Anonymous Reporting

Public companies are required by law to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act by providing an anonymous means for reporting questionable accounting and auditing practices.


Private companies also may choose to implement this service, however, are not required by law to do so.


Anonymous reporting  for a company may fall into one of the following categories:

  • SOX ─ accounting & auditing practices
  • HR ─ harassment, favoritism, racism, etc.
  • Fraud / Ethics, etc. and any other type of report that doesn’t fall within the above two categories


Neither public nor private companies are required by law to use a third party call center vendor to provide an anonymous means of reporting.


However, in-house reporting solutions, such as corporate live-answer hotlines, voice mailboxes, email or P.O. boxes, may not offer complete anonymity.


Risk of In-house Solutions:

  • Callers  may not view in-house telephone lines as truly confidential or anonymous.
  • Voices and writing style can be recognized by coworkers.
  • Caller ID can compromise an informer’s anonymity.
  • Email and other Internet solutions assume all employees have equal access to the internet and email is highly traceable.


AnswerNet Whistleblower Hotline Services

As an alternative to in-house solutions, consider setting up a whistleblower hotline with AnswerNet.


AnswerNet is a trusted provider of whistleblower hotlines for corporations, government institutions, non-profits and social services agencies to report information accurately and responsibly while offering complete anonymity.


Key Benefits:

  • 24/7/365, live, professionally trained agents
  • Five ways to submit evidence (phone, email, postal mail, website and email)
  • Web-accessible reports
  • AnswerNet’s call center hotline team acts as the liaison between the company and employee
  • Sample marketing materials (by request)


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