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Clients want to text. TextGen makes it easy.
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Wish you could text your business the same way you do friends or family?

You can with TextGen. TextGen is a cloud-based communication tool that text-enables your existing business landline. Messages are collected into an online portal, where you can easily view and download conversation data.


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Text-enable Your Landline with TextGen©

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TextGen is a cloud-based communication platform that automates conversation using messaging.


Now you can take control of customer data like never before. It works for virtually any business need, ranging from software registration to take‐out orders, and everything in between.
Advantages of TextGen include:


  • A single number for text and voice – no need to change carriers. 
  • Accessible whenever you need it – all the information is compiled and stored in the cloud.
  • Conversations are permanent – download them to your database.


Uses of Texting for Businesses

Text Pete the PizaTexting is a preferred communication channel for many mobile phone users. Businesses are finding more and more ways to interact with prospects and customers via SMS texting. In fact, many business solutions are now adopting SMS capabilities, such as Google – who includes a text message option as part of their suite of AdWord services.


In most of these cases, text interactions require a business phone number that can send and receive text messages. AnswerNet's TextGen solution can be used to easily text-enable an existing business telephone number.


A few examples of business texting interactions that may require a text-enabled business phone number include:

  • Providing a texting option in email campaigns for prospects to ask a question or request more information
  • Allowing your prospects the option of texting to your business phone number when they see your print ad, website or online ads (e.g – via Adwords Message Extension)
  • Distributing discount coupons or vouchers by text message
  • Sending virtual gift cards via text messages
  • Mobile phone number verification for service sign-ups
  • Password confirmations when using text messaging for double authentication
  • Password resets by sending randomly generated codes
  • Processing product activation codes
  • Registrater a Product (No more business reply cards needed.)
  • Sending appointment reminders by text message
  • Short customer feedback surveys via texting


See TextGen in Action!

It’s Friday, your meeting ended ahead of schedule, and you have a chance to get home early. In today’s world, this means apps, websites and phone calls before you’re maybe booked on an earlier flight home. Imagine, instead, if you could just text the airline, and minutes later be sharing the news that you’ll be home for dinner. Now that would change the game.


TextGen in Action - Part 1

TextGen in Action - Part 2


Thanks to TextGen, one day soon, people like you will say how hard it was to get in touch with a large company before you could just text them.


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Key Benefits

  • Text-enable Your Existing Business Landline and Text with Customers
  • Business Processes can be Managed by Texting – Saving you Time and Money
  • Affordable for Any Business
  • Fast Set Up
  • Safe and Secure
  • Access Reports on any Web-enabled Device


Key Features

  • Easy integration with your existing call center services
  • Real-time data collection via TextGen’s web-based portal
  • No obligation to a specific mobile device or telephone carrier
  • No spam or compliance issues
  • HIPAA compliance


Save a Tree with TextGenFrequently Asked TextGen Questions (FAQs)

Read answers to the AnswerNet TextGen Frequently Asked Questions: Click Here (PDF).


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