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Follow Me Service - A Call Routing System
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Follow Me Service - A Call Routing System

Do you have multiple phone lines? Do clients or staff have a hard time locating you? Are you often out of the office, or working in a variety of locations?

Then AnswerNet’s Follow Me Service might be for you.


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Make All of Your Phone Numbers Accessible With a Single Call

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Follow Me Call Routing System

Get control of your phone lines with AnswerNet’s Follow Me Service

Follow Me is a call routing system that makes all of your phone numbers accessible with a single call. When you receive an incoming call, Follow Me will attempt to reach you on all your devices—home, office, cell phone, etc.—in a consecutive order that you define.

The caller only dials a single number, instead of several different numbers, to contact you. How? Because the Follow Me system knows which numbers to call, in what order, without dropping the caller as it moves from number to number. The call is not completed until all the lines are attempted or you pick up. If you don’t pick up at all, the caller can be reverted to an operator or voicemail.

If you need to update which phone lines Follow Me should route to, you can add, remove or rearrange the order of the numbers by simply calling AnswerNet.

Already using AnswerNet’s services? Great! This feature can easily be added to any existing voicemail or live agent account.


Key Benefits

  • Screen and route all calls
  • Easily update your availability and phone number list
  • Great for on‐the‐go business professionals
  • If you are unable to answer, the caller can be reverted to an operator or voicemail

Key Features

  • Incoming calls sent consecutively to a predetermined list of phone numbers
  • Multiple phone numbers can be managed at once
  • Add to your existing voicemail or live agent account
  • Missed calls can be sent directly to your voicemail

Get control of your phone lines with AnswerNet’s Follow Me Service.

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