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Data Breach Services

Businesses that experience a very large data breach can be overwhelmed by the need to notify thousands of customers and answer concerned customer calls.


AnswerNet can help make the notifications and answer the resulting flood of incoming calls, texts, chats or email.


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Security / Data Breach Call Center Services

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Steps in Handling a Security Breach

In today’s connected world, any business can be a target for hackers or computer viruses resulting in a security breach and possibly a breach of customer data records. Basic steps in dealing with a security breach include 1) identify that breach has occurred, 2) take corrective actions to stop and mitigate the impact of the breach, 3) notify affected customers and employees and 4) provide concerned callers with the information they need.


When a security breach occurs and personal information is illegally obtained, it is imperative to tell callers what is going on. Businesses that experience a very large data breach can be overwhelmed by the need to notify thousands of customers and answer concerned customer calls. AnswerNet can help with both making the notifications and handling the flood of incoming calls and email.


AnswerNet's call centers can be used to help ease fears, reduce confusion, and answer questions about the benefits available and the solutions in place.


Multilingual Data Breach Support Service

When customers hear about a data breach many will call for information and support, resulting in high call, email and/or chat volumes - possibly overwhelming your current in-house or call center capabilities. AnswerNet can help answer these calls for you. With AnswerNet’s Security Breach Response Services, we can supply vital information, take easily-retrieved messages and provide basic services without annoying busy signals. Using pre-recorded messages and inbound live agent services, AnswerNet’s full range of services and easy scripting lets you alter messages and menu options quickly as circumstances change.


Data Breach Services:

  • Dedicated agents receive inbound telephone calls, emails, and web-chats during scheduled hours.
  • Telephone calls, emails, and web-chats routed to English speaking agents. Agents interact with customers on behalf of the client.
  • For each inbound contact, agents follow a predefined process to capture/document each’s consumer’s contact data and the reason for call, chat or email. Agents can identify if each contact received an email, mailer, or heard about the breach through some other channel and verify if they are or are not part of the impacted customer group.
  • Agents then provide approved information regarding the breach, what corrective efforts have been performed, and instructions regarding what consumers might do to protect themselves.
  • Details captured during each interaction are dated, time stamped and reported back to the client in a daily disposition report.


Service Options:

Our Data breach support services are customized to your needs. Optional features and benefits can include:

  • Hotlines and dedicated toll-free telephone line can be operational within hours of a breach
  • Scripting and information changes can be made at any time 24/7
  • Recall notification recorded messages for IVR to keep people informed
  • Answer inbound calls for people that zero out of recorded message to alleviate their concerns and answer specific questions
  • Outbound calling and emailing to alert your customers and employees of a breach
  • Scalable to additional locations to meet call volume demands
  • Multi-lingual options, including English, Spanish and French Speaking Agents
  • Real-time interpreting services that speak, read or write more than 250 languages
  • American Sign Language (ASL). support if needed
  • 24/7 live agent support ensures full-time zone coverage
  • Ability to text enable existing phone number(s) for automated responses to customer inquiries to keep them informed and/or gather information
  • Create a web page with answers to FAQs and web form for inquiries for more information - with or without online chat support and call center contact numbers for support calls.
  • Return mail tracking and address scrubbing
  • Provide access or referrals to professionals who can help with questions about identity theft, and personalized safeguards
  • Offer credit monitoring services or otherwise support the remediation effort


Data Breach Notification Services

Businesses that experience a very large data breach can be overwhelmed by the need to notify thousands of customers. AnswerNet’s Data Breach Notification Services can help. Services are customized to your business needs. AnswerNet can notify your customers and business partners by mail, email, SMS text, or telephone and provide records of the completed notifications.


Notification types can include:

  • Notifications by US Mail
    • Send postcard notifications to consumers by US Mail
    • Notification message translated into English, Spanish, French and/or other languages
    • Reporting w/ return mail tracking and address scrubbing.
  • Email Notification
    • Send out an email notification to consumers impacted by the data breach.
    • Email translated into English, Spanish, French and/or other languages.
    • Reporting w/ return email tracking and email address scrubbing.
  • Outbound Calling
    • Call consumers impacted by the data breach
    • Support available for English, Spanish, French and/or other languages
    • Calls reporting
  • Notifications by SMS Text
    • Text customers / partners impacted by the data breach
    • Notification message translated into English, Spanish, French and/or other languages
    • Reporting


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