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SMS Support for
Click-to-Message Ads

Google recently provided an easy option for businesses to start a conversation by improving Click-to-Message ads. Businesses can now receive these text messages by either SMS or by email.  AnswerNet’s industry-leading omnichannel call center technology makes handling these incoming SMS and email queries a breeze for your business.


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SMS Support Services for Click-to-Message Ads

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Google’s Recent Improvements to Click-to-Message Ads

Recently, Google Ads announced that they are rolling out two improvements to Click-to-Message ads:

  • Email forwarding sends text messages to your email, so you do not need to provide a phone number to use message extensions. Responding to the email will automatically send a text reply back to your customer.
  • Automatic reply sends a preset message back to customers as soon as they message you. For example, you can automatically reply with, “Thanks for your message. We’ll get back to you within the hour.”


Click-to-Message Ads (Message Extensions)

Some time ago Google Ads introduced Click-to-Message ads called “message extensions” at that time. These message extensions give users, who see the ad, an easy option to text a business. This lets them start a conversation and continue it whenever it is most convenient for them.


Google’s blog post mentioned that 65% of consumers say they would consider using messaging to connect with a business, which provides information about a product or service.  These statistics show that this was and still is a great opportunity to get more exposure from your Google Ads.
Google noted that message extensions are designed to be shown only to people who use phones that are capable of sending and receiving text messages. This requires your business to have a phone number that is able to receive, process and send text messages.


However, businesses running Google’s Click-to-Message ads no longer need to have messages sent to a phone number; They can be sent to email and auto-replied to via email. The downside is that businesses need to be ready to quickly follow-up on the email messages they get from their ads. This is where AnwerNet’s call center services can help.


AnswerNet’s Services Support Click-to-Message Ads

Whether you receive queries from your Google Click-to-Message ads in the form of SMS or Email messages, AnswerNet can help. Our omnichannel technology allows the virtual receptionist agents, who handle your customer service calls and emails, to respond to SMS or email. It is an all-in-one unified agent desktop, making communications a breeze.


  • Virtual Receptionist Service with SMS
    Whether you choose to receive queries from your Click-to-Message ads via SMS or email, let our agents act as your Virtual Receptionist service. They can acknowledge, screen, sort messages, direct emails, direct SMS, as well as call or text you about hot leads. AnswerNet uses a Virtual Call Center (VCC) technology that fully supports communicating with you and your customers via telephone, email or SMS.
    See: Virtual Receptionist Services

  • Email Management
    If you elect to receive queries from your Click-to-Message ads via email, AnswerNet can handle these messages with our Email Management services. Our agents can respond to emails using a database of pre-approved, canned answers—providing your prospects with quicker, more accurate responses. Hot leads or questions our agents cannot handle can be escalated to appropriate team members. You save time and resources while freeing your staff to handle more productive tasks.
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  • SMS Text Messaging Service
    AnswerNet’s SMS Text Messaging Service is a simple, fast and inexpensive technology that delivers your message to customers and stakeholders at any time. This may be a valuable tool in following up your Click-to-Message ad leads.
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