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Building Maintenance Management

Rely on AnswerNet’s Building Maintenance Management Services when your residents are counting on you!


AnswerNet offers a web-based real estate maintenance work order system with live agents available to manage your maintenance requests and dispatch maintenance calls.


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Building Maintenance Management - Commercial & Residential

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No matter what type of real estate work order you need, our building maintenance management system can handle it for you. Consider adding a telephone answering service to the work order system, for complete tenant satisfaction – which will improve occupancy rates.


A Web-based Real Estate Maintenance Work Order System

A successful property manager understands the importance of well kept, safe buildings to obtain a full complex with great quality tenants. Ensure that your tenants stay satisfied and work orders are processed efficiently with AnswerNet’s Building Maintenance Management Service;  an affordable, highly efficient web-based property management tool that helps streamline your work order processes and keeps your occupancy high.


The simple work order interface is easy to use and understand. No more maintenance management headaches!

Web-based Real Estate Maintenance Work Order Interface


No Installation Necessary

AnswerNet’s Building Maintenance Management system does not require any software installation or equipment. It can be used from any web enabled device, allowing you to track repairs, monitor property issues and update the online maintenance schedule 24/7/365.


Calls for maintenance and reports of problems and outages are handled by a professional agents, who will prioritize the calls, enter the tickets, issue the work orders and even contact first responders and on-call maintenance staff in case of an emergency situation anytime of the day or night, holidays and weekends too.

  • Monitor your open and closed work orders and in-progress maintenance in real-time
  • Review reports of open and closed maintenance issues including details such as the status, the time it took to resolve the problem and any escalations
  • Know what the problem really is before you get to the location
  • Analyze and track the productivity of maintenance employees
  • Review service requests, status and timeliness of repair by individual properties
  • Enable managers to post system-wide messages such as on-call contact order, unit and tenants’ information
  • Advise residents and employees of building and unit status, and give them instructions should properties be damaged or destroyed
  • Let management staff instantly access links to key information on each property
  • Add hotlines, answering and dispatch services to your maintenance program to ensure timely processing, no missed calls and satisfied tenants.


With AnswerNet’s Building Maintenance Management, you can keep everyone involved in building maintenance on the same page, ensuring a safe, happy and functional residential community.


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